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Welcome to the LACPC Sourcing Request Portal

The LACPC is procuring one or more LED SPORTS LIGHTING contracts on behalf of its members and affiliates. Responses are due by Monday, June 19, 2023, by 3:00 pm CDT.  Bids must be submitted in USD.  All pricing should be calculated FOB Baton Rouge, LA 70808 and will apply to all purchases. Please review and complete all tasks associated with this request. 

Information Regarding Bidder Eligibility

Eligible Goods and Services – It is a requirement that bidders comply with the US Federal CFR and applicable State of Louisiana laws regarding source, origin and nationality regulations.  Quotes must indicate the source of all items. 


The LACPC is a Cooperative Joint Commission under Louisiana's "Local Services Law," La. R.S. 33:1322 et seq. The LACPC is tasked with assisting its members and affiliates in creating publicly bid joint-use contracts to provide and enhance public services, including Parks & Recreational services.  LACPC membership may be accessed at

General Specifications/Submission Requirements
  1. Football (New and Retrofit) Utilizing LED -- Average Maintained Light Level Packages
    1. 30 fc
    2. 50 fc
  2. Soccer (New and Retrofit) Utilizing LED -- Average Maintained Light Level Packages
    1. 30 fc
    2. 50 fc
  3. Baseball/Softball (New and Retrofit) Utilizing LED -- Average Maintained Light Level Packages
    1. 30/20 fc
    2. 50/30 fc
    3. 70/50 fc 
  4. Tennis (New and Retrofit) Utilizing LED -- Average Maintained Light Level Packages
    1. 50 fc
  5. Basketball Outdoor (New and Retrofit) Utilizing LED -- Average Maintained Light Level Packages
    1. 50fc
Optional (Additional) Specifications/Submission Requirements
  1. Basketball Indoor Utilizing LED 
  2. Arena Utilizing LED
  3. Mini-Pitch Utilizing LED 
  4. Sports Parking Lot LED Lighting 
The General Specifications are intended to create packages of lighting systems that will produce particular illumination values based on the desire/need of particular sports fields.  
Eligible Goods and Services
It is a requirement that bidders are able to comply with the Federal CFR and Congressional ACTS specific to Federal Grants Programs, including FEMA that apply to the sourcing, manufacturing and assembly of products, materials and components.  Offerings and Quotes must indicate the source of all items.  Bidders must be able to carry a supply of the products, materials and components that are incorporated into their packages for the expected life-time (warranty period) of the packages to be sold. 
Submission of Product Specifications & Price Quotes -- (Please note that this solicitation for price bids is not a "low-price-wins" bid)
Submission of product packages and price quotes will be submitted on the product and price forms provided. Pricing submitted must be firm but will not be considered by the LACPC as a final price offering until after consideration of best and final offerings of:  price; terms and conditions; and delivery timelines.  Final pricing accepted by the LACPC shall be firm for 6-month time periods.  Price increases or price acceleration clauses, where applicable, will be based on mutually acceptable inflation indexes.    

Best and Final Price Offerings (Reverse Auction) 
A Reverse Auction allows suppliers to submit a price offer and to modify your pricing downward to achieve a first-place pricing position in a predefined amount of time.  Please review the Reverse Auction applicable process under "Attachments".  Unless waived for proper cause, the reverse auction additional bid process will be scheduled after receipt of product and price submissions. 
LACPC Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A proposer may submit its commercial or standard proposal (style and content).  In addition to any other information presented by a supplier through its proposal, a supplier should specifically address the following Evaluation Criteria which will be evaluated and assign scores totaling up to 110 points. 

1.     Compliance with Technical Specifications
The Bidder shall furnish documents for each product package offered illustrating its Technical Specifications and providing the quality/benefits of such specifications.  (20pts based on the quality of the illustrations/drawings)

2.     References/Past Projects   
The Bidder shall furnish references of all projects completed within the past five (5) years in the State of Louisiana involving publicly owned facilities and involving members or affiliates of the LACPC.  Please see the Reference Listing Form. (20 pts based on the quality of references)

3.   Experience  
The Bidder must have experience in the supply of goods similar to the goods in the bid for a period of at least ten (10) years prior to the deadline for bid submission.  Manufacturers who directly employ sales representatives and who are directly responsible for delivery and installation services are preferred.  Installation services providers identified are subject to licensing by the Louisiana State Contractors Licensing Board.  (20pts based on meeting the 10-year requirement and use of Louisiana State Licensed Contractors)

4.    Quality, Durability, Serviceability and Warranties  
The Quality, Durability, Serviceability and Warranties should be considered among the "best in the industry." Specific information regarding quality, durability, serviceability and warranties under this heading should be included. (20pts based on quality, durability, serviceability and warranties of product)

5.   Pricing Structure  
In addition to completed Pricing Forms, a supplier must have the ability to explain its price structures as well as its ability to hold prices steady for 90 to 180-day increments.  A supplier must be able to explain the situations or dynamics that would cause prices to fluctuate. (20pts based on a reasonable and determinable price structure)  
6.     Post-Bid Qualification Requirements  
The LACPC's Commissioners (or Commissioner representative) reserve the right to take into account, after price bids are completed, a more extensive review of a bidder's qualifications, references, experience and technical capacity. (10pts based on the ability of the supplier to quickly and efficiently assist in the response to LACPC inquiries) 

Reservation of Rights  

LACPC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a Bid will be summarily rejected if: it is conditional; it is incomplete, it is obscure or irregular; or it has unit rates that are obviously unbalanced; or if any material or price submitted is either fraudulent or misleading.  A unit rate will be considered unbalanced where the rate is below the known available rates in the marketplace or where a bidder submits a low bid in contemplation, real or inferred, to raise prices in a manner that exceeds the rate of inflation for the product being sold. 


Questions must be in writing and emailed to  Answers will be provided and posted to this portal as Addendums.  
Requests for Technical Assistance in the use of this platform may be directed by email to the Electronic Administrator, Paul Holmes, or by calling (225) 678-6107 (Bus. Cell) between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Participation by LPS SCHOOLS GPO 

LPS Schools GPO is a separate entity from LACPC that provides Group Purchase Organization products and services to Louisiana Public Schools.  Where applicable or expedient for public bodies, LACPC contracts may be adopted by LPS Schools GPO to those school systems that prefer to purchase through a GPO system rather than through a commission system. 

Administrative Fees 

Any contractor subject to a final contract resulting from this solicitation is subject to a quarterly flat administrative fee and a quarterly rebate on reportable net sales of 1%.  All fees offset the administration of the contracting process incurred by the LACPC.   

Legal Advertisement

A legal advertisement of this solicitation will appear in the Baton Rouge Advocate no fewer than two (2) times, the first of which will publish at least fifteen (15) days prior to the deadline for the receipt of product and price proposals. 

Addendums (Notice of Addendums is emailed to all registered bidders)

#1 -- Adds the Legal Advertisement to the Electronic Document and Adds "Price Form - Tennis/Basketball"
#2 -- Adds the Public Notice as an Attachment and changes the proposal submission due date from Fri, Jun 16th at 3:00 pm CDT to Mon, Jun 12th at 3:00 pm CDT. 
#3 -- Adds an attached form titled Proposal Evaluation Criteria and Scoring (which provide proposal preparation guidance).  
#4 -- Adds a Reference Listing Form 
#5 -- Extends the proposal deadline from June 12, 2023, until June 19, 2023, at 3:00 pm CDT. 
#6 -- Clarifies the certain values and field sizes on the Football-Soccer-Baseball-Softball Price Form (due to accidental type offset which obscured some values and field dimensions).  A new Football-Soccer-Baseball/Softball Price Form is included as an Attachment and the original version has been removed. Please email if further clarification due to type offset is needed.