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City of Abbeville Bucket Truck Purchase (Rebid)


                        CITY OF ABBEVILLE, LOUISIANA
       Requests for Proposals and Optional Reverse Auction Bids



The City of Abbeville, LA with assistance of the LACPC Municipal Joint Commission seeks proposals for the manufacture and delivery of one (1) new Bucket Truck with 5500 Series Chassis, Unibody Bed and Aerial Boom/Bucket as specified in the solicitation documents. Proposers must be able to deliver the completed request within a reasonable delivery timeframe. Proposals are due electronically by 11:00 a.m. on June 21, 2023. 
The vendor will provide one (1) newly manufactured Bucket Truck, assembled from a commercially available Chassis, Bed and Aerial Boom/Bucket as specified. Proposals will be submitted electronically only through Unless waived, final pricing will be established through a reverse auction process under La RS 38:2217.  
The RFP and Bid documents, information and specifications are available by registering at and downloading same. The RFP Electronic Administrator is Paul Holmes, LACPC Contracts Administrator, 6767 Perkins Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70808, (225) 678- 6107 (Bus. Cell), The City of Abbeville contact for all direct inquiries is the Abbeville Director of Utilities at
This RFP is not a “lowest price wins” bid. The Contractor will be a responsible contractor/dealer judged the most capable of manufacturing the desired Bucket Truck in a quality workmanship manner and delivery within a reasonable timeframe as defined in the RFP Documents. 
Proposals are to be submitted in the format required, including any pricing and specification forms included, along with any other documentation that must be signed. Proposers must register at (LACPC/EASiBUY Bid Platform) to access the full RFP specifications and to submit proposals electronically. 

Electronic Instructions 

1. Register by clicking the green tab "Start Response" and provide your company's information.
2. Download and Review all Documents under "Attachments".
3. Check off each task under the Tasks Tab as they are completed.
4. Submit your proposal by uploading it using the "Recipients Will Drag & Drop Files Here" function. 


All notification to vendors, including addendums and changes, will be by email to the vendor's registered representative's email address. 

Electronic Administration  

Electronic Administration of this Request for Proposals is provided by the LACPC Cooperative Joint Commission,

Price Bids (Reverse Auction)

The specifications provided herein represent the type, capacity and quality of the Bucket Truck being sought, and are not exclusive.  Where more than one vendor's offered Bucket Truck can be accepted, the city reserves its right to conduct additional best and/final price bids through a scheduled reverse auction process.  

Administrative Fee

The winning vendor is required to pay an electronic administrative fee of 1% of the total sales price upon delivery of the truck not to exceed $2000.  Any price offering must take into account the payment of this fee. The Administrative Fee is paid to:  LaMATS, 6767 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.

Addendums (if any will be listed below)

[No Addendums as of Bid Closing]

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