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2023 Chevrolet Traverse Purchase

1.  All offerings and price bids will be uploaded on this platform after registration--
2. After registering, an offeror will download and review all attachments.
3. The solicitation document is below in electronic form only.  Please review carefully. 

The LACPC seeks to purchase on behalf of the City of New Iberia eight (8) new Chevrolet Traverse vehicles.  The minimum specifications are:  1) LS trim; 2) 3.6-liter V6 with nine-speed automatic; 3) Front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is acceptable; and 4) White or Grey/Silver color.
Vehicles that are in stock or will be delivered within a short time frame to a dealership are preferred.  Therefore, the city will accept partial fulfillment of this order from multiple dealerships.  
Proposals will be received no later than 11:00 am, on Wednesday, April 12th. 19, 2023.
The city intends to accept the lowest reasonably priced vehicles from dealerships judged reliable and dependable.  Where the supply of vehicles offered exceed the number of vehicles required, then the LACPC (on behalf of the city) reserves the right to seek best and final price offerings through a reverse auction process (participation is solely voluntary on the part of any offeror).
Questions related to this solicitation should be directed to the LACPC RFP Administrator, Paul Holmes at


There is no bid form to complete.  Dealerships should simply upload the vehicle information (stock # and/or VIN included) and price on their dealership letterhead and should provide whether the vehicle(s) are in stock or are under order (with an estimated delivery date).  The city intends to purchase immediately upon the close of this RFP.  However, dealerships are asked to hold any offering accepted for at least 10 days following close of bids.
Louisiana-based dealerships shall provide a copy of their dealership license.