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Assumption Parish Recreation District #2 Vinyl Sheeting and Fiberglass Pilings Bulkhead Installation and Riverbank Improvements


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The Assumption Parish Recreation District No. 2 (APRD #2) located in Pierre Part, LA (unincorporated), seeks proposals to provide and install Vinyl Bulkhead Sheeting with Fiberglass Pilings, and other Riverbank Improvements as specified in this solicitation.  The installation sites are along Bayou Pierre at or near the Veterans Park in Pierre Part, Assumption Parish.     


2862 LA 70, Pierre Part, LA, LA 70339. 


The Contractor will provide (and install) Vinyl Bulkhead Sheeting, Fiberglass Pilings and other materials and supplies, to perform riverbank improvements, including riverbank grading as may be required, as specified and detailed herein.   


Before submitting a Proposal it is recommended that each Proposer (a) examine the RFP Documents thoroughly; (b) visit the site to become familiar with local conditions that may in any manner affect cost, progress, performance or furnishing of the Work; (c) familiarize himself with and consider federal, state and local Laws and Regulations that may in any manner affect cost, progress, performance or furnishing of the Work; (d) study and carefully correlate Proposer’s observations with the RFP Documents, and (e) notify the RFP Administrators of all conflicts, errors or discrepancies in the RFP Documents. 


The representative of the APRD #2 is Beryl Gomez, Secretary/Treasurer, Assumption Parish Recreation District No. 2, (225) 921-1873, 

The RFP Administrator is Paul Holmes, LACPC (Baton Rouge), (225) 678-6107 (Bus. Cell),  


This RFP is not a “lowest price wins” bid.  The Contractor will be a licensed and responsible contractor judged the most capable of completing the project within a defined budget, within a reasonable timeframe and in in a quality, workmanship manner.  Please see the Evaluation Criteria (below)


Proposals are to be submitted in the format provided herein including any pricing and specification forms included, along with any other documentation that must be signed.  (See Proposal Form and Pricing Forms attached.) 


The submission of proposals will be through electronic means only.  Proposers must register at (LACPC/EASiBUY Bid Platform) to access the full RFP specifications and to submit proposals electronically.  Proposals are due by 11:00 am, Thursday, March 16, 2023.  on Monday, April 17, 2023. Reasonable accommodation, including allowing hand delivery of proposals, can be provided by contacting Paul Holmes, 


Where Federal funds are used for a project a contractor must comply with those certain federal requirements as detailed in the specifications. 


This solicitation is open to minority-owned, women-owned and other disadvantaged enterprises as defined by federal law.  DBEs are encouraged to respond, and the RFP Administrators may specifically reach out to DBEs to encourage them to submit proposals.  Where appropriate or required, additional points for being a qualified DBE may be added during the contractor evaluation process.  


An electronic administration fee will be paid by the winning proposer in the amount of $500.00 upon completion and submission of the final executed contract. The electronic fee may be waived (or delayed) in advance of proposals submission on behalf of a particular proposer upon a showing of significant burden to the proposer. There is no fee to register, to access RFP documents, or to submit a proposal electronically. The electronic administration fee is only paid by the proposer contracted to complete the project and is payable to the LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Joint Commission Administrator: LaMATS, 6767 Perkins Rd., Baton Rouge, LA 70808. Where bid security is required, the bid security will not be returned until the Electronic Administration Fee is paid. Please note that the foregoing requirement is provided for in the RFP Document and is deemed acknowledged upon submission of a proposal. 


The complete Proposal shall consist of:

Proposal Form
Pricing Forms
Non-collusion affidavit
Acknowledgement of applicable “Buy American Provisions”
Certification of Non-Debarment (and registration at
Federal Grant Procurement Standards   
Bid Bond or Security (Cashier's Check) 

The following forms and information are deemed to have been received, reviewed and accepted when downloaded or accessed online:  

APRD #2 Protest Process
RFP Document 
APRD#2 Riverbank Materials List
APRD#2 Riverbank Materials List (10" Pilings) --or equivalent 
Performance and Payment Bond Form
Acknowledgment of Electronic Administrative/Services Fee  


Bids may be modified or withdrawn by a Proposer at any time by accessing or deleting the electronic submission prior to the proposal deadline. Withdrawal of a Proposal will not prejudice the rights of a Proposer to submit a new Proposal prior to the Proposal submission deadline.  After expiration of the period for receiving Proposals, no Proposal may be withdrawn, modified, or explained except as provided for herein. 


A Bid Bond or Bid Security in the form of a cashier's check representing 5% of the proposed price is required for this project.  Proposers shall complete and return an original copy of their Bid Bond or Cashier's Check with their proposal.  Thereafter, a proposer capable of receiving the award will be notified to deliver the original Bid Bond or Cashier's Check within 5 business days.


When a successful Proposer delivers the executed Agreement to the Owner, it shall be accompanied by the required performance and payment Bonds.  


APRD #2 reserves the right to enter discussions and negotiations with any proposer deemed capable of receiving an award.  Negotiation of better terms or conditions, or favorable clarification of offerings may result in a proposer’s evaluation score being raised.  Any negotiated or clarified terms, conditions or offers will be reduced to writing and shall become part of the resulting contract.   


The Bidder shall agree to fully complete the contract within the allocated consecutive calendar days as negotiated between owner and contractor, subject to such extensions as may be granted and that this construction time will start on the date specified in the written “Notice to Proceed” from the Owner. The bidder shall indicate the number of Calendar days needed in the Proposal Form. 


Unless waived, the Contractor shall agree to pay as Liquidated Damages the amount of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars (250.00) for each consecutive calendar day for which the work is not complete, beginning with the first day beyond the completion date stated on the “Notice to Proceed”. 


A Notice of Award to a Successful Proposer will be accompanied by unsigned counterparts of the corresponding Agreement with all other written Contract Documents attached. Within ten (10) days thereafter, that successful Proposer shall sign and deliver to the OWNER the required number of counterparts of the Agreement and attached Contract Documents and the required Bonds.   


Technical Evaluation (Worth 75 points) 

1. Background, References and Experience--15 
2. Approach and Methodology--30  
3. Proposed Manufacturer Qualifications--20  
4. DBEs, Hudson/Veterans & Small Entrepreneurship Programs--10  
Cost Evaluation (Worth 25 points)
Oral presentation (if required) --10 


March 14, 2023--Notice to DBEs
March 14, 2023--Publication
March 31 24, 2023--Final Document Forms to be Posted 
March 31, 2023--Deadline for Contractor Questions
April 3, 2023--Anwers to Contractor Questions to be Posted/Final Addendums, (if any) to be Posted 
April 10, 2023--Proposal Submission Deadline

Proposers are encouraged to be prepared, but to not submit proposals prior to April 3, 2023, as the RFP and the RFP timeline may be supplemented or amended as needed.    


Addendum #1 Clarification of Proposal Submission Deadline -- The Proposal submission deadline is extended until April 10, 2023, at 11:00 am or as may be extended by additional addendums, notwithstanding any deadline published by newspapers or any other sources.  
Addendum #2 Additional RFP Forms Posted with date change for final document posting.  The following documents have been posted and are found in the Attachments:  Anti-Collusion Affidavit - Buy American Acknowledgement - Bid Bond Form
The date for final posting of documents will be March 31, 2023.
Addendum #3 Additional RFP Forms Posted as follows:  Federal Procurement Standards Acknowledgment - CERTIFICATION OF NON-DEBARMENT- Protest Procedures
Addendum #4 Extension of Proposal Submission Deadline -- The Proposal submission deadline is extended until April 17, 2023, at 11:00 a.m.