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(Norwood) RFP for Building Rehabilitation


            (Norwood) RFP for Building Rehabilitation 

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The Village of Norwood, LA will accept proposals from licensed contractors until 2:00 pm, Thursday, December 8, 2022, for structural repairs to the Norwood Old Town Hall (Old Bank Building) located on Azalea St, Norwood, LA 70761. 
The scope of work and specifications are available from Municipal Clerk Jennie Jelks by contacting or online at under “(Norwood) RFP for Building Rehabilitation.” 
Proposals may be delivered to the Norwood Village Hall located at 13722 Elm St, Norwood, LA 70761, in a sealed envelope marked “(Norwood) RFP for Building Rehabilitation” with the Contractor’s License number clearly visible on the outside of the envelope or may be submitted online at by registering under “(Norwood) RFP for Building Rehabilitation” and following the instructions. 
The submission results, by contractor name and address only, will be read aloud at the December 8, 2022, Village Board Meeting which commences at 7:00 pm local time. Thereafter, the results will be taken under advisement until a contractor can be chosen. 
Summary -- Old Town Hall (Bank Building) Repairs 
The Village of Norwood has been awarded a limited state grant to address immediate structural problems with its Old Town Hall needed for preservation. 
  • Location -- 3814 Azalea St, Norwood, LA 70761
  • Scope of Work -- 1st Floor
    • Structural Framing 
    • Termite Barriers
    • Structural Beams
    • Floor Joists 
    • Waterproofing Mortar
    • Removal and Replacement of Damaged Drywall
    • Priming and Painting
  • Scope of Work -- 2nd Floor
    • Demo and Remove Flooring and Walls as Necessary
    • Remove and Replace all Damaged Floor Joists
    • Repair all Wall Plaster
    • Repair Damaged Brick/Add Brick
    • Add Brick Mortar/Waterproofing Material
    • Remove/Replace New Roof Rafters
    • Add Mortar/Waterproofing Material (Rafters)
    • Repair Roof as Needed
Proposal Deadline -- Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 2:00 pm.
  • Opening -- Proposals will be opened at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on December 8, 2022, at 2:00 pm.
  • Reading -- Only the names of the proposers and the base pricing will be read aloud at the Board meeting, 13722 Elm Street, Norwood, LA 70761.
Choosing a Contractor -- This RFP is not a lowest-bid-wins solicitation.  A contractor will be chosen based on the following criteria:
  • A state contractor's license number issued through the Louisiana State Contractors Licensing Board is required.
  • Evaluation Criteria 100 points for the following:
    • Price Evaluation -- 25%
    • Ability to complete the job within 4 months -- 25%
    • References -- 25%
    • Scope of work to be completed -- 25%
Budget -- The budget of this project is $235,000.00.  
Electronic Services/RFP Fees
  • The LACPC (Cooperative Purchasing Joint Commission) is assisting the Village of Norwood with its RFP.
  • An electronic services/RFP fee of $200.00 payable to LaMATS as Administrator of the LACPC will be paid by the winning proposer upon signing of a contract.  This fee must be calculated into your proposal.  The LACPC address is 6767 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808.
Tax Exempt Purchase of Materials & Supplies
  • Where grant funds are used to pay for materials and supplies, the village reserves the right to require the purchases to be made in the name of the village as a sales/use tax exempt purchase.  
    • A contractor may not mark up sales/use tax exempt purchases or provide cost plus pricing.
    • A contractor must calculate the cost of its time and effort secure material and supplies into its labor costs.  
Attachments to this RFP include:
1. Legal Advertisement 
2. Printable version of this RFP
3. State Required Contract Language
4. Proposal Form
5. Pricing Form (Materials List)
6. Sample Contract
7. Non-Collusion and Other State-Required Affidavits
8. Engineering Diagrams/Photos/Selected Remediation Plan Excerpts 
Bid Security/Performance Bond/ Insurance
  • Neither bid security nor a performance bond is necessary with the submittal of a proposal.
  • The village reserves the right to require a bid bond and/or performance/payment bond from the selected proposer.
  • The selected contractor shall provide proof that it carries an adequate amount of Liability/Auto Insurance to protect itself and the village.
  • The selected contractor shall be required to utilize labor only from American Citizens or from persons with a prescreened work permit.  
  • The selected contractor shall be considered the prime contractor for any labor or subcontractors working under the contractor's direction and shall hold the village harmless and shall indemnify the village for all claims in workers compensation.  
Signed/ Mayor

One Proposal was Received as Follows from Morgan Improvements, LLC: