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Utility Tractor -- Boom Mower -- Accessories

USE THIS PORTAL TO SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL FOR THE Utility Tractor -- Boom Mower -- Accessories SOLICITATION (Ville Platte, LA) 
1. Registration is required to download the Proposal Form. There is no cost to register. Please click the "Start Response" tab to start the registration process.
2. Review the Notice to Bidders and download/review all documents under "Attachments."
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DESIRED EQUIPMENT (or equivalent)
  • Kubota M6-111SHDC12, 4wd, Cab, 111hp 
  • Terrain King KB22, 22' Boom, 60" Rotary Head with 
    Swivel, Joystick Control
  • Land Pride RCF 2072 6' Brush Hog 
Within two (2) weeks of bid close.
The LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Commission and the City of Ville Platte, Louisiana, will accept electronic proposals for the desired equipment as specified in the bid documents. Proposals will be accepted until October 21, 2022, at 2:00 pm.  Final pricing, if required, will be via a Reverse Auction to be scheduled thereafter. 
Proposals must be submitted through LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (on this, the EASiBUY platform). In order to submit bids electronically, vendors are required to register at Additional specifications and requirements can be accessed after registration. Registration and submission of bids electronically is at no cost. An awarded bidder may be responsible for paying an LACPC electronic processing/administrative fee. 
For any questions about this process, or to mail a sealed proposal, contact Paul Holmes: or (225)678-6107 (Bus. Cell)
An awarded vendor who sells product under contract to the LACPC (City of Ville Platte) or to a joint purchaser shall be responsible for paying a .5% electronic processing/administrative fee on all net contract receipts ($5 per $1000 of product sold), but not to exceed $500 per sale.  
For any questions about cooperative sales, please contact the following: LACPC Contracts Administrator --
No interpretation of the meaning of the specifications or contract documents will be made orally to any Bidder. Every request for such interpretation should be in writing and emailed to Paul Holmes, Contracts Administrator, at  To be given consideration, such requests must be received sufficiently prior to the date fixed for the opening of bids to permit distribution of response to all Proposers. 
The contract may be offered as a joint-use (or “piggy-back”) contract under Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 33, Local Services Law by the LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Joint Commission. Final pricing should be firm and should apply to additional sales placed within 120 days of bid closing.
Joint use of the expected contract, if any, will be administered through LaMATS Purchasing Services (“LPS”) on behalf of the LACPC and the purchaser. 
The LACPC reserves the right to seek additional price bids through a reverse auction process where more than one proposal submitted substantially satisfies the specifications.  Please see the Pricing Section of the Proposal Form.  
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