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(Denham Springs) RFP for Stun Gun (TASER) Technology


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Request for Proposals for “Stun Gun” Technology) 


The technology sought includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Devices commonly referred to as “stun guns” including TASER Brand, whether perceived as being for offensive or defensive purposes;
  2. Devices capable of propelling one or more electrodes in succession and/or which do not propel electrodes at all;
  3. Devices designed to subdue a human subject at a distance and/or designed to subdue a human subject within close contact with a police officer;
  4.  Available training and consultation in the use of the devices; and 
  5.  Extended warranties on product, parts and accessories.
LACPC member, City of Denham Springs (Police Department) seeks approximately 30 non-lethal units to standardize its department to the selected devise/technology, and seeks a multi-year term contract where it can make future purchases as the need may arise.
Dependable technology, product safety and technical support from the vendor will be the most important factors in determining an award. Other than affordability, price will not be the most important factor in making this public safety decision. 
A proposer must illustrate that its pricing is in conformity with pricing offered to other law enforcement agencies around the country. Any proprietary proposer may offer its standard “packages” and pricing it offers regionally or nationwide.


Proposals will be submitted electronically only in the proposal format to be designated, to the RFP administrator—LaMATS e-Auction and Bidding Services/EASiBUY—no later than October 24, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. Proposers must register at to submit proposals and to access all terms, conditions and specifications. Proposals will be opened and read thereafter at the LaMATS offices located at 6767 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA  70808.
Only the names of the proposers and the names of the submitting representative will be read. Proposers are not required to be present. Thereafter the LACPC and the City of Denham Springs will evaluate the proposals in due course and reserve the right to conduct in-person interviews of vendor representatives regarding product and offerings. The LACPC reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time before or after receipt of proposals.


The LaMATS, as the administrator of the LACPC will be the contract holder of record.  In addition, the City of Denham Springs intends to contract directly with the proposer deemed to best meet its desire for advanced, proven, dependable, non-lethal offensive/defensive electrode devices that are effective, and which satisfies expectations of safety of police officers, suspects/detainees and the public at large. 
Proposers will submit their standard contracts which outline all terms and conditions, warranties and pricing structures for individual units or for the purchase of quantities, service after the sale and training. The city shall be given the opportunity to purchase for one lump sum price an entire package with warranties offered. If a proposer offers a lease-purchase or payment plan option, the proposer may propose same. A purchaser, in its sole discretion, will determine if a proposers financing option complies with state law and with its financial policies.

Joint Use

The successful vendor may be given the opportunity to sell its products to other similarly situated local government police forces in compliance with Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 33, the Local Services Law, without necessity of additional bids. The joint use of contracts is voluntary on the part of local government and vendors. Any joint use of a successful contract will be administered/monitored by LaMATS, as administrator of the LACPC, to ensure legal compliance of subsequent sales. Purchases and/or quantities cannot be guaranteed under a joint-use contract.

Administrative Fees

The successful vendor paid by the city or by a joint user of the contract is responsible for paying an administrative fee to LACPC of 2% ($20 per $1000) of the total sales price paid in the form of a rebate.  A proposer must take into consideration the scheduled rebate when submitting its pricing. 

Official Questions and Clarifications

Questions and/or requests for clarification of specifications or requirements are to be in written form and emailed to the attention of Paul Holmes, and must be received in sufficient time to consider and answer prior to the proposal due date.


1. Pursuant to LA R.S 38:2212.1, any manufacturer’s preference in this solicitation is descriptive, but non-restrictive, and is used only to indicate minimum requirement for desired type, grade and quality unless otherwise specified.
2. Proposers shall submit bids only on the electronic forms/templates accessible online after registration.
3. Literature, brochures, and other related paperwork attached to the bid should be identified with the name of the bidder and bid item number.
4. The contract issued may contemplate a fixed escalation provision. Bids based on specifications which are subject to a recognized escalation index shall be legal and valid for product at the discretion of the LACPC.
5. All representations made in a proposal are considered binding. Notice of acceptance furnished to a successful pre-qualifier based on an initial, opening price bid may result in a binding contract without further action by either party.
6. The LACPC Membership is exempt from all sales taxes. A sales-tax exempt form will be furnished by the end-user if requested.
7. Evidence of agency, corporate, or partnership authority shall be required to prequalify for submission of bids. The authority of the signature of the person submitting the bid shall be deemed sufficient and acceptable if any of the following conditions are met:
(a) The signature on the bid is that of any corporate officer listed on the most current annual report on file with the Secretary of State, or the signature on the bid is that of any member of a partnership or partnership in commendam listed in the most current partnership records on file with the Secretary of State.
(b) The signature on the bid is that of an authorized representative of the corporation, partnership, or other legal entity and the bid is accompanied by a corporate resolution, certification as to the corporate principle, or other documents indicating authority which are acceptable to the public entity.
(c) The corporation, partnership, or other legal entity has filed in the appropriate records of the Secretary of State in which the public entity is located, an affidavit, resolution, or other acknowledged or authentic document indicating the names of all parties authorized to submit bids for public contracts. Such document on file with the Secretary of State shall remain in effect and shall be binding upon the principal until specifically rescinded and canceled from the records of the office.
8. Any modifications of plans and specifications will be made through an addendum. No addendum shall be issued within seventy-two (72) hours of the bid opening, excluding weekends and legal holidays without the extension of the bid opening date but re-advertising will not be required. The addendum shall be transmitted by any one of the following methods: 1) Email to registered bidders; and 2) electronic posting to
9. Any bidder that is found listed on the Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) website, at , under the advanced search feature for Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), shall automatically be rejected for the award of this bid, by Category and/or in its entirety. This applies to any portion of the bid that is a procurement funded by FTA.  An awarded vendor which is not listed in the database may be required to list prior to the award of a contract.
10. An anti-collusion affidavit will be required (and other similar documentation may be required) to be submitted by proposers responding to this RFP.   

Additional Information

  • LACPC is the LaMATS Administered Cooperative Purchasing Commission, created pursuant to La. R.S. 33:1324 et seq., which is governed by its membership.
  • LaMATS is the Louisiana Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau, the designated administrator of the LACPC which is wholly owned by the Louisiana Municipal Association.
  • Denham Springs, Louisiana is a Commission member and is the sponsor of this solicitation.  Denham Springs seeks up to 30 non-lethal units, but is under no obligation to purchase.

Contract Form

The resulting contract, if any, will incorporate all terms and conditions offered in the successful proposal plus any additional terms or conditions (or deletions) listed in the "Contract Summary" signed by the parties.  Any contract entered into will be designated as a Third-Party Beneficiary Contract.  If the contract is entered into for multiple years or has optional extensions or scheduled price increases, the provisions will be specifically covered in the Contract Summary.  Any contract entered into for cooperative or joint use may be discontinued by either party upon reasonable notice after fulfilling all orders in progress.  The use of any resulting contract is purely voluntary on the part of LACPC Commission members.  No sales under any resulting contract is guaranteed.  

Technical Questions?

Contact LACPC Contracts Administrator, Paul Holmes,  If you need immediate help, please contact the Contracts Administrator at (225)678-6107.


ADDENDUM #1:  Please note that the document titled "RFP for 'Stun Gun' Technology" has been corrected to include enumerated requirements excluded by mistake.  The original document has been removed.