POSTING ONLY -- Chemin Dr. & Alabama St. to Baker Blvd. Drainage Projects -- POSTING ONLY


Chemin Dr. & Alabama St. to Baker Blvd. Drainage Projects (POSTING ONLY)

Interested firm(s) should submit one (1) paper copy and one (1) electronic .pdf copy of their SEALED 
proposal clearly marked on the front cover with, “Drainage Projects – Chemin Dr. & Alabama St. to Baker Blvd.”. Responses should be addressed to Mary Sue Stages, ARPA Grant Manager c/o City of Baker, Louisiana
P O Box 707 Baker, LA 70704-0707.

They may also be hand-delivered to 3325 Groom Road in Baker, LA. Hand-delivered proposals must 
be well sealed and date/time stamped by the City’s receptionist, evidenced by his/her signature, to 
be considered. Delivery method must ensure that responses be physically received on or before the 
date and time indicated in the Schedule at Section 2. 


The City of Baker, LA is seeking proposals to clear certain waterways within the City’s boundaries 
related to the movement of water through drainage systems for flood mitigation. We appreciate your interest in providing these services and look forward to receiving your proposal (RFP). The city has identified the most significant ditches/canals within its boundaries that play a major role in drainage during water events that mitigate potential flooding of properties and streets. This request covers one of these identified waterways for which a more detailed scope of work is provided in Section 3. 

Proposals should be prepared to include a concise description of the Respondent’s ability to meet the scope of work in accordance with the instructions (Section 4) and the timeline (Section 2). They become the property of the City of Baker, LA once reviewed whether awarded or rejected. All information contained in the Respondent’s proposal is subject to disclosure under the provisions of Public Act No. 442 of 1976, Freedom of Information Act except where specifically exempted. All proposals shall include references. The City reserves the right to contact any of the references included in the proposal submitted as well as the representatives of any of projects submitted under past experience.

The City of Baker reserves the right to: 
a. select a Respondent without an interview; and/or
b. reject any proposal it determines to be unresponsive and/or deficient in any of the 
information requested.

At its sole and absolute discretion, the City shall determine the successful Respondent, if any. The City shall not be required to award a contract to any of the Respondents that submit a proposal in response to this RFP. Reasons for non-award of this contract may include, but are not limited to, dissatisfaction of the submitted proposals, insufficient interest from Respondents, withdrawal of one or more of the grants or funding sources anticipated being used to fund the project. 

Small and minority businesses, women’s or veteran’s business enterprises and labor surplus area firms are encouraged to submit proposals. Firms using subcontractors must solicit such firms in the subcontracting process. The City of Baker is an Equal Opportunity Employer; all bids must follow 2 CFR 200 Appendix II(C), 200.327-329, Appendix II(I), 200.336, 200.333, Appendix II(J) See 200.322, 200.325, Appendix II(D), Appendix II(B), Appendix II(E) and Appendix(G). Neither the City nor their representatives shall be liable for any expenses incurred in connection with the preparation of a response to this RFP.