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✔️LACPC Curbside (Rollout) Garbage Container Contract


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Supply Contract for Residential Curbside Garbage Containers (96 -- 100 Gals.)
Electronic proposals/bids will be accepted through this portal until August 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm CDT --  
The LACPC will accept electronic proposals for a 2-year term contract for the period September 1, 2022, through August 31, 2024 (with a possible extension for a 3rd year) for the purchase of front-load, heavy-duty curbside garbage cans as specified in the bid documents.  
Base pricing should be based on minimum orders of 350 containers and should include shipping.  Vendor price adjustments will be allowed for smaller orders.  All pricing submitted must be firm for a minimum of three months following issuance of a contract.  Thereafter, prices may increase every 90 days according to the applicable CPI.  The contract is intended to be offered as a cooperative contract ("joint-use" or "piggy-back") contract available to local government under Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 33, Section 1324 -- Local Services Law and/or through the LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Commission.  
Electronic proposals/bids will be accepted through this portal until August 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm --   Thereafter, the LACPC may seek further pricing concessions through an online, interactive bidding process to be scheduled online after August 15, 2022.    
To submit a proposal, suppliers/vendors must register at after selecting "Start Response" on the Advertisement page.  Additional specifications and requirements will be accessed online after registration. 
For any questions about the bid or payment process, contact Paul Holmes at  


  1. Responses must be submitted through the LACPC Bid Portal managed by LaMATS e-Auction Services (EASiBUY)
  2. This is a contingency contract, meaning that no municipality has pre-ordered.  The purpose of the bid is to have a contract in place so that individual municipalities may avoid having to post and advertise their own bids for curbside garbage containers.
  3. The bid sponsor is the LACPC, a joint commission created under Louisiana law to assist cooperation between Louisiana municipalities to procure materials and supplies necessary to carry on municipal services.
  4. There is no obligation on the Lead Agency's or on a Sponsoring Agency's part to place orders, although orders are expected.  LACPC will work with chosen vendors to market their curbside garbage containers to LACPC membership.  
  5. The LACPC reserves the right to choose one or more manufactured lines of curbside containers to satisfy legacy lines of containers in current use, provided pricing is competitive and reasonable. 
  6. The Forms attached and labeled "Required) must be used to submit bids.
  7. The prices offered should be competitive and should reflect the best price offerings available to government.  The LACPC reserves the right to schedule a follow-up reverse auction process where initial pricing is determined to be non-competitive.   


Any contract will be offered as a joint-use (or “piggy-back”) contract under Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 33, the Local Services Law. The vendor must accept this term and condition under the Task Bar.


The LACPC is responsible for and will solely evaluate all bids to determine an award, if any, and reserves the right to cancel the solicitation if it determines the bids submitted are not in the best interests of its membership. 
Joint purchases under the contract, if any, will be administered by LaMATS Purchasing Services (LPS) to ensure certification of process, continued contract viability and to track types and quantities of product available for joint purchase.


No interpretation of the meaning of the specifications or contract documents will be made orally to any Bidder. Every request for such interpretation should be in writing and emailed to the attention of the Paul Holmes, LACPC Contracts Administrator, To be given consideration, such requests must be received sufficiently prior to the date fixed for the opening of Bids to permit distribution of response to all Bidders.


Support documentation to aide in judging compliance with specifications and responsiveness of the bids, should be uploaded on the bid portal with the completed Bid Forms, no later than July 25, 2022, at 2:00 pm.


Bid opening will officially occur in Meeting Room 3, LMA Building, 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802.  Bidders are not required to be at the bid opening.  All registered bidders will be notified electronically of the bid results within 45 minutes of bid opening.