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(Bogalusa) RFP for Waste Collection Services



                  COLLECTION SERVICES

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The City seeks proposals from qualified Contractors to provide Residential Waste Collection Services services to residential locations within the City.  Contractors should submit proposals that deliver superior services to the residents of the City and dedicate the required resources to maintain superior service levels throughout the duration of the contract. The City seeks an expeditious transition upon execution of contract.
The waste collection in the city currently occurs once per week through curbside containers supplied by the services provider.  Bogalusa uses the Choctaw Landfill at a rate of $37.50 per ton until December 31, 2029.  
  • Proposals are due Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 2:00 pm CST.
  • All proposals will be submitted electronically only through this Portal,
  • Hand delivered, mailed and emailed proposals will not be accepted.
Proposer instructions are found in the Attachment labeled "(Bogalusa) RFP Bidder Information".
Obtain the bid documents and full specifications by registering at and agreeing to comply with all electronic instructions. An electronic platform fee of $800 will apply only to the winning bidder upon award. There is no charge to register or to submit a bid. 
Questions related to existing services, number of residences, available dump sites or any question pertaining to the city's needs, should be directed by email to Tracy Arnold, Purchasing Agent, City of Bogalusa 
Questions must be submitted to allow sufficient time for answering and distributing answers to all registered services providers.
A selection committee will evaluate responses based on the technical criteria established under this section. A respondent may receive the maximum points, a portion of the allotted points or no points at all, depending upon the merit of its response as judged by the selection committee in accordance with the technical criteria.  
During the review of any submission at any time (including in the event of a shortlist), the selection committee may:  
• Conduct reference checks relevant to the solicitation to verify all information, and rely on or consider any relevant information from such cited references or from any other sources in the evaluation of the submissions 
• Seek clarification of a submission or additional information from any or all respondents and consider same in the evaluation of submissions 
• Waive any requests or requirements if such waiver is in the best interest of the City and 
• Request interviews/presentations with any, some or all respondents to clarify any questions or considerations based on the information included in submission, including negotiations to add or to subtract terms and conditions believed to be favorable to the City.
  • Addendum #1 has posted and has substituted the RFP Proposal Form after correcting two (2) typographical errors.  See Attachments.  The new RFP Proposal Form is titled (Bogalusa) RFP Proposal Form [typos corrected].  Please note that services requested do not include recyclable collection.
  • Change -- Please note that the RFP Proposal Form was changed to clarify that the minimum service requirement is once per week per service unit.  
  • Addendum #2 has posted and has substituted the RFP Price Sheet which clarifies that providing pricing for twice weekly service to each service unit is optional and for the City's consideration only.  Please use the RFP Price Sheet [Amended] to submit your pricing for once per week service to each service unit.  You may propose alternative pricing structures in the appropriate space for the city's consideration.
  • Correct Typographical Error -- On the RFP Price Sheet [Amended] a typographical error has been corrected.  Pricing is based on once weekly not once monthly pickup.  Please use the price sheet version posted September 6, 2022.