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Youngsville Sports Complex Splash Pad Project

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Addendum #1 June 1st 
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City of Youngsville Sports Complex Splash Pad

Notice is hereby given that Electronic Sealed Bids will be received by the City of Youngsville, Louisiana, for the construction of work that includes site work, site utilities, pump system, plumbing, mechanical, housing unit and concrete splash pad.  Only Electronic Sealed Bids will be received by the City of Youngsville until 11:00 am. local time on Friday, June 17, 2022, by registering through (EASiBUY). Paper bids by hand delivery, courier or by mail will not be accepted. Bids uploaded past the bid deadline will not be accepted. 

Bids will be opened and publicly read aloud after the specified closing time at the City of Youngsville, Council Chambers, 305 Iberia Street, Youngsville, LA 70592.  Complete sets of the Bidding Documents and Engineer’s drawings may be obtained online after registering on the website (EASiBUY).  

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, May 19, 2022, at the Youngsville Sports Complex Administration Building, 801 Savoy Road, Youngsville, Louisiana.  Representatives of the Owner and Engineer will be present to discuss the Project. Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the conference. 

To qualify to bid, each bidder shall be a properly licensed Contractor in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes 37:2150-2163 for the specialty classifications required. Contractors desiring to bid shall submit evidence that they hold a license of proper classification in full force and effect at the time the bidding documents are requested.   The Contractor shall show his license number on the bid form and as required online. 

Bids must be submitted on the forms provided.  Each Bid shall be accompanied by Bid security made payable to the City of Youngsville, in an amount of at least five percent of the Bidder's maximum Bid price and in the form of a cashier’s or certified check, or a Bid Bond in accordance with LA R.S. 38:2218. The check or Bid Bond shall be given as a guarantee that the Bidder will execute the Agreement, should it be awarded to him. Bidders shall submit a clear copy of their original and properly executed Bid Bond or bid security with their electronic bid. The apparent low bidder must ensure their original bid security is delivered within 5 business days, exclusive of weekends and holidays, directly to the Youngsville Sports Complex address. 

Applicable Electronic /Administrative Fee: An Electronic Processing / Administrative Fee of $900.00 will be paid by the awarded contractor upon submission of the finalized construction agreement contract. Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check made payable to: LaMATS, Electronic Administrator. 

The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all Bids for just cause. In accordance with LA R.S. 38:2212(A)(1)(b), the provisions and requirements of this Section, those stated in the advertisement for bids, and those required on the bid form shall not be considered as informalities and shall not be waived by any public entity. Bid Forms and other related information are available to be viewed, downloaded, and submitted on-line at 
Engineer Project Manager
Philip Cowles,

Nichole Guidry, Municipal Clerk, City of Youngsville, 305 Iberia Street, Youngsville, LA 70592 (337)856-4181 City Hall (337)857-6925 Direct Line

Electronic Administrator
Paul Holmes, LaMATS e-Auction Services (EASiBUY) 700 North Tenth Street,  Baton Rouge, LA  70802  Bus. Cell (225)678-6107