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(Westlake) RFP for Meter Read Technology Upgrade


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The City of Westlake is seeking interested firms to sell and install the following technology for its water distribution system: 

300 water meter registers w/6’ Antenna; 60 5/8” x 3/4” Meter & Register w/6’ Antenna; 10 1” Meter w/6’ Antenna; 14 2” Meter & Register w/6’ Antenna; 2 AMI Gateways w/Antenna, Assembly & Installation; and 1 Mobile Drive-By Equipment package.  Training in the use of the installed technology is required.

Proposals will be accepted until Friday, May 20, 2022, at 3:00 pm electronically through the LACPC Purchasing Commission Electronic Bid Site accessible at   

All specifications, information and proposal forms are accessible online at   Registration and access to specifications is at no charge.  An electronic administration fee of $500.00 is payable by the winning proposer only.  

Proposals delivered by hand, mail or by email will not be accepted.  After proposals are submitted, the name of each firm and the firm’s representative submitting a bid will be read aloud at Westlake City Hall, 1001 Mulberry Street, Westlake, LA  70669.  Thereafter, proposals will be evaluated to determine which proposal best fits its needs, considering compatibility with the existing water system, quality of product offered, warranties and price. The city reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time or to reject all offerings. 

American Press (Lake Charles) 

                                 RFP SUMMARY

BACKGROUND:  The City of Westlake has received a grant to upgrade its water distribution system by purchasing and installing water meter read technology that can be adapted to its current in-ground meters.   

SCOPE OF WORK:   The utility buyer issues this RFP to procure the specified technology and components, installation of same and training.
The technology desired must be compatible with the existing system and have the capability to improve meter reading efficiency, increase meter reader safety, and provide data that facilitates resolution of customer bill complaints, water conservation initiatives, and distribution system management efforts.
QUALIFICATIONS OF RESPONDENTS: To demonstrate Respondents qualifications to perform the Work, a Respondent shall submit written evidence such as financial data, previous experience, present commitments and confirmation of such data as stated below:
A. The Respondent shall be the licensed, authorized distributor of the meter manufacturer must have a team of AMI Product Specialists dedicated to the meter manufacturer.
B. The licensed authorized distributor must also be a licensed contractor in the State of Louisiana.
C. Respondent should have an on-staff, in-state, factory trained Product Specialist who can service the buyer's metering system needs. 
COMPETITIVE PRICING:  Although pricing is not the determining factor of acceptance of a proposal, a proposer shall propose favorable manufacturer government pricing with written assurance that said pricing is offered by the manufacturer to a broad spectrum of local government on a discounted basis. 
WARRANTY: All equipment, accessories, and component parts shall be guaranteed by the respondent to be free of defects in workmanship and design and to operate as specified and intended. The manufacturer’s standard warranty or a minimum one year warranty, whichever is greater, shall be given to the buyer at time of acceptance. The effective date of the warranty shall be the date of acceptable delivery by the buyer. COPIES OF THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY SHALL BE INCLUDED WITH EACH PROPOSAL. If, within the guarantee period, any defect or signs of deterioration are noted, which, in the opinion of the buyer, are due to faulty design and installation, workmanship, or materials, upon notification, the successful respondent, at their expense, shall repair or adjust the equipment or parts to correct the condition, or they shall replace the part or entire unit to the complete satisfaction of the buyer. These repairs, replacements or adjustments shall be made only at such time as will be designated by the buyer as least detrimental to the operation of the business. Any part which fails to meet the warranty shall be replaced free of charge for materials, labor, handling, or shipping charges.
FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS: All items (equipment, products, accessories, and services) supplied by the respondent shall comply with all Federal and State standards, applicable and effective on the date of acceptance. All items must meet or exceed all existing Federal, State, and Local health, safety, lighting, emissions, and noise standards.
SERVICE MANUALS: The successful respondent shall supply the buyer with two copies of the operation and service manual. 
TITLE PAPERS: All title papers shall be made out to the buyer and delivered to the Executive Director or his authorized representative. 
SERVICE: Respondents shall list the name and address of the nearest authorized factory service location. Respondents must provide service phone number and describe the hours of duty as well as procedures for service. 
EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Proposed equipment must meet the specifications and guidelines as stated in the Pricing Form. 
ONGOING SERVICE REQUIREMENTS: Proposed Respondent must provide a detailed service plan for the ongoing solution. Service plan must detail plans for providing service & technical support and meter inventory over the product usage period. Respondent must list the proximity of the nearest location to the buyer and name the factory trained professionals to provide technical support and state if this person is part of the Proposer’s staff or an outside or factory provided person.
CONTRACT BETWEEN THE PARTIES:  A proposal, if accepted and unless amended in writing, shall become binding on the proposer.  The town reserves the right to negotiate additional terms and conditions of any proposal after submittal, which, when reduced to writing, shall be included in any agreement to purchase.  
PROVEN SYSTEM: The proposed manufacturer of AMR/AMI systems and water meters should have a minimum of fifteen years' experience with AMR/AMI projects and must have no less than five hundred (500) AMR/AMI completed systems currently deployed in the United States of America. The proposed manufacturer must have in excess of 2,000,000 water endpoint transmitters currently deployed and in operation in the United States of America. The goal of this project is to provide equipment, installation and project management for the Owner that fully meets the product specifications contained herein. 
SIGNATURE OF COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE:  A proposal must be signed by a company representative duly qualified to bind the company to pricing offered without increase, and to all offerings made in the proposal.  The signature shall be in affidavit form, duly witnessed and notarized. 
INSTALLATION SERVICES:  Where required, installation services as defined and as to be provided by the seller in the proposal shall be completed entirely by personnel hired by the seller, who shall not be considered employees of the town.  The seller shall ensure that all services providers are properly covered by worker's compensation, that the town is qualified as statutory employer for purposes of workers compensation, that personnel are properly licensed where required for the services performed.  No installation services provided shall constitute a public works contract and no lien shall attach to any product, components or software purchased.     
QUESTIONS RELATED TO ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION:  Should be directed to Paul Holmes, Electronic Administrator,  Questions related to the city's existing system should be directed to Andrea Mahfouz, City Clerk, (337) 433-0691.