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LACPC (Youngsville Sports Complex) Trimax Striker Purchase

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Trimax Striker Roller Mowers 
The LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Joint Commission seeks pricing on the Trimax Striker 150 and 190 Striker Roller Mowers.  At this time there is one committed buyer -- City of Youngsville (Sports Center), an LACPC participant (Quantity-2).  The awarded vendor may be offered an LACPC supply contract for up to one year and possible extension of one additional year. 
Trimax Striker is a multi-spindled rotary mower with low maintenance requirements that incorporates a unique baffle design for improved grass distribution and less clumping. Designed for compact tractors in the 25-35hp range, Striker has Trimax LazerBladez™ fitted standard and full-width front and rear rollers, which produce an attractive striped pattern and guard against scalping.  

Interested vendors are asked to price the following:
Striker 150
Striker 190

Alternative Specifications (non-Trimax Brands) Requirements 
The best government discount pricing available through a vendor is requested.  The LACPC may accept one or more cart types or may reject all.  The City of Youngsville will choose the lowest-priced cart make/model it prefers.  Acceptance by the City of Youngsville is subject to availability, lead time for delivery and warranties offered. 
Youngsville Sports Center:  Tim Robichaux, Director
LACPC:  Paul Holmes, LACPC Contracts Administrator
A 2% administrative fee is applicable to all sales made pursuant to this solicitation, payable by the vendor. 
Pricing proposals are to be submitted on this website,, by Wednesday, March 2, 2022, at 2:00 pm.  Unless waived, final pricing will be by reverse auction scheduled on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 11:00 am.  Unless extended, final price bids, if applicable, will last for the duration of 30 minutes. Final pricing instructions will be provided to each registered bidder who has submitted an acceptable price proposal.  All proposal submissions and final pricing are conducted online only at