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RFP--Oxidation Pond Aeration Improvements (ARPA Funded Projected)


                      Attention all Prime and Sub-Contractors

1.  After registering, please review the Abbreviated Summary of the RFP Solicitation below
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3.  Complete all Tasks and check each upon completion
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Abbreviated Summary

Proposal Deadline
The deadline for submitting Contractor proposals is Tuesday, March 15 Wednesday, March 30, 2022, at 3:00 pm.  Proposal submissions are online only at  All bid documents and specifications are accessed through this site.  Reasonable accommodation will be made for any contractor who is unable to access the solicitation and documents due to lack of internet service.  For reasonable accommodation, please contact the RFP Administrator listed below.
Pre-Bid Conference
A non-mandatory, pre-proposal deadline conference will be held at Tallulah City Hall located at 204 North Cedar Street, Tallulah, LA  71282, on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, commencing at 10:30 a.m.   Along with Prime Contractors, those wishing to become sub-contractors are also invited.  Interested prime contractors and sub-contractors who provide one or more of the types of work involved (see Scope of Work below) are strongly encouraged to attend. 
Scope of Work
This project is funded under ARPA (Federal Funding) and will include the following non-exclusive work:
   1.  Acquisition & Installation of two (2) commercially manufactured Aerators as specified; 2. Acquisition & Installation of Electrical Panels and associated Electrical Work to power the Aerators; and 3.  Acquisition and Installation of prefabricated metal housing of Electrical Panels, including removal of existing panel station, earthwork and contouring. 
Division of Work Among Subcontractors 
 While competitive, this is not a lowest cost bid.  The city reserves the right to negotiate with the prime contractor to divide some required work with qualified, minority-owned or women-owned businesses in order to ensure compliance with federal funding requirements applicable to ARPA.
RFP Administration
RFP Administration is by LaMATS Purchasing Services and LaMATS as the Administrator of the LACPC Cooperative Purchasing Joint Commission.  LaMATS is the Louisiana Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau, Inc., 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802.  Contact:  Paul Holmes, LaMATS Procurement Consultant, 
City of Tallulah
Yvonne Lewis, City Clerk
Charles Finlayson, Mayor
Electronic Platform & Administrative Fee   
A 1% electronic platform & administrative fee, payable by the awarded contractor to the RFP Administrator, applies to this procurement and is based on the bid amount. An electronic platform fee in the amount of $900.00 (a flat fee) is payable by the awarded prime contractor. The electronic platform fee shall be paid in the form of a cashier’s check, payable to LaMATS, Electronic Administrator, 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.  The payment shall be due upon the prime contractor’s submission of the signed contract to the City of Tallulah.