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Town of Basile RFP for Drive-By Water & Gas Meters w/Read Technology

 1. Review the Advertisement Summary posted below.
 2. All documents can be downloaded by registering (See Vendor Response Section to get started & to download the documents).
 3. To Submit a Proposal See Vendor Response Section to get started and to submit responses electronically)  NO COST TO REGISTER, ACCESS DOCUMENTS OR TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL. (The vendor who receives the award will be responsible to pay a 3% Electronic Administrator's Fee).

Town of Basile – Advertisement Summary

The Town of Basile is seeking experienced firms to propose a technology solution comprised of the sale and installation of approximately 850 water and 300 gas meters with advanced technology drive-by read and a dual read data collection system (capable of centrally collecting data from both the water meters and the gas meters in a drive-by fashion). Proposers are expected to provide the labor necessary for standard installation of all meters and the data collection system, and to provide adequate instruction and training to the City’s Utility Department to operate and to maintain same. Proposals will be submitted electronically only through . Proposals are due by 2:00 P.M. CDT on Monday, August 23, at which time they will be opened and the names and representatives of the proposers will be read aloud at the Town of Basile, 3211 Railroad St, Basile, LA 70515. Thereafter, in due course, the town will choose the meters and dual read drive-by system deemed to best fit the town’s needs.

  • Proposals will be accepted until Monday, August 23, 2021 at 2:00 pm by electronic means only through LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (EASiBUY) .  Registration by vendors to submit proposals is mandatory.  All necessary bid documents, specifications and requirements are accessible after registration through .  
  • Bidders must follow the requirements related to proposal submissions as provided in the RFP documents.  Submission of Bids is electronic only through LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (EASiBUY) . . 
  • The Town reserves the right to conduct negotiations with qualified manufacturers and to seek "best and final" offers/pricing.   
  • The successful proposer whose proposal results in an award is responsible for payment of a 3% administrative fee ($30 per $1000 of contract price received). The electronic processing and administrator's fee is payable to LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services, 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802  Attn:  LaMATS Electronic Administrator upon contract award.   
  • No interpretation of the meaning of the specifications or contract documents will be made orally to any Proposer. Every request for such interpretation should be in writing and emailed to Heather Putnam-Lantz, Municipal Clerk, .   Questions should be submitted no later than 7 business days prior to the proposal submission deadline. 
  • Technical questions regarding registration, submittal of bids and use of the electronic bid platform should be directed to Paul Holmes, Electronic Administrator,
  • The awarded vendor may be given the opportunity to make additional sales to qualified participating political subdivisions.  Cooperative use of any contract created herein will be under the administration of LaMATS Purchasing Services and/or the LACPC municipal joint commission, 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802,  Terms and conditions apply. 
The Pricing Form may be used to offer innovative or alternative savings ideas recommended by a proposer under the categories "Other"  or " Please clarify any pricing proposal here" or " Standard Installation will include at no additional cost to Town: (Please describe in detail)."  Where an entirely 2nd proposal of product brands or models is made, please submit an additional Pricing Form.  All innovative or alternative savings ideas, as well as a 2nd proposal of product brand or model by a single proposer, should be addressed fully in the body of the Proposal itself.