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Supply Contract for Wastewater Submersible Pumps

 1. Review the Notice to Bidders listed below
 2. All documents can be downloaded by registering here at no cost.  (See Vendor Response Section to get started & download the documents)
 3. To submit a bid electronically, please see Vendor Response Section.  Electronic submission of bids is encouraged and there is no cost to submit electronically.  (Only a vendor who submits a bid electronically and is awarded will be responsible for paying the electronic administrative and processing fee as outlined in the bid documents)

City of Denham Springs – Summary

Bid responses can be submitted electronically through LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (EASiBUY) at . To submit bids electronically you must register by starting a response to the right to access the full specifications. Bids and responses are due by June 1, 2021 at 10:00 am. CST and will be opened publicly immediately thereafter at the City of Denham Springs.

Desired Product:

  • The City of Denham Springs is seeking bid responses for a term contract for Submersible and Submersible Solids Handling Pumps.  Contract Period: June 9, 2021 - June 8, 2022.  
    Option to renew an additional year (June 9, 2022 - June 8, 2023)
    Vendor Delivery Date: As requested by City of Denham Springs
    Pay Terms: Net 30
  • The City of Denham Springs reserves the right to allow piggy-back purchases to other political subdivisions on a case-by-case basis from the supply contract created in accordance with applicable law. 

Electronic Administrative & Processing Fee

  • Any vendor who submits their bid electronically which results in an award is responsible for payment of a 1% electronic administrative and processing fee ($10 per $1000 in sales) not to exceed $1000 over the life of the contract.  Bidders submitting a response electronically must take into consideration the administrative fee when submitting their bids.  For more information related to this fee, please review Document 7 attached.  
  • Any bidder may submit a paper bid directly to the City of Denham Springs as provided in the bid documents without incurring a fee. 

Addenda & Interpretations

  • No interpretation of the meaning of the specifications or contract documents will be made orally to any Bidder. Every request for such interpretation should be in writing and emailed to be answered by contacting the Purchasing Agent located at 116 North Range Avenue, Denham Springs, LA 70726 or by emailing  To be given consideration, such requests must be received sufficiently prior to the date fixed for the opening of Bids to permit distribution of response to all Bidders.
  • All technical questions regarding registration, submittal of bids and use of the electronic bid platform shall be directed to Paul Holmes, Electronic Administrator, LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (EASiBUY),  (225)678-6107