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Union Parish 2021 Road Program

  1. Review the Advertisement for Bids & Bidder Information summarized below. 
  2. Union Parish Police Jury is required to allow bidders to electronically submit responses for this project.  
  3. See Vendor response section to register and to access documents, and to submit bids electronically at no cost.
  4. Wherever the bid documents may vary from the summary of information which follows, the bid documents shall overrule the summary of information.

Advertisement for Bids & Bidder Information (Summary)

Union Parish 2021 Road Program

  • Sealed bids for the Union Parish 2021 Road Program Project will be received by the Union Parish Police Jury in the office of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Union Parish Police Jury Office, 303 East Water Street, Farmerville, Louisiana, until 2:00 pm CDT on May 20, 2021 at which time said bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud. The Union Parish Police Jury will also accept bids submitted electronically by bidders.

Available Documents 

  • Complete bid documents are posted here for review and download.  

Bid Security

  • Each proposal is to be accompanied by a certified check payable to the UNION PARISH POLICE JURY or a bid bond, the amount of either of which shall be five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid. Bidders are advised that both a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond, each in the amount of 100 percent (100%) of the Contract Price, will be required. No Bidder may withdraw his bid within thirty (30) days after the actual date of the opening thereof.  If submitting your bid electronically, the original Bid Security must be received in a sealed envelope marked:  "UNION PARISH 2021 ROAD PROGRAM" will be received by the UNION PARISH POLICE JURY, Union Parish Courthouse Annex, 303 East Water Street, Farmerville, Louisiana 71241, before the bid deadline.    

Pre-Bid Conference 

There is no pre-bid conference for this project.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance with electronic access or bid placement is available through Paul Holmes, Electronic Administrator,    To provide assistance a bidder must contact the Electronic Administrator with sufficient time remaining before the submission deadline.