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City of Carencro Sale of House to be Moved

1. Review the City of Carencro, Louisiana Notice to Bidders
 2. Interested in Bidding click Start a response to the right to get registered
 3. Read the instructions & terms and conditions
 4. Download all attachments & review

City of Carencro

Property Description

The City of Carencro, Louisiana has placed the following House to be Moved for offers/bid to the highest bidder meeting  minimum bids.  
Classic South Louisiana-Style Cottage located at 202 N. Church St., Carencro, Louisiana along with all HVAC, fencing and other amenities connected thereto to be moved.  
After purchase, the buyer is solely responsible for removing the House within a one-month time frame in a safe manner consistent with law.  The buyer must hire a licensed house mover who is capable of obtaining the required permits for moving the House to a new location.   Bidders may obtain quotes from:
(The above-referenced links to house movers are found online.  Seller has no connection with the listed movers.)
The House may be viewed/inspected by contacting City of Carencro Manager Don Chauvin,   The house may also be found at  
Any and all bidders who are interested in bidding must first register by clicking Start a response.

The highest bid price will be presented to the city council for approval if it does not meet the established minimum value set. The city has the right to either accept or reject all bids or may negotiate with the high bidder to raise the offer. 

At the conclusion of the bidding, the highest bidder will be required to upload the LaMATS e-Auction Services (EASiBUY) Award Form for billing purposes.  A successful bidder will be billed for the sale price and a 12% electronic auction fee.  Upon payment, the City of Carencro will issue a Bill of Sale or other documentation required to complete the sales transaction.