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City of Bogalusa Surplus Fire Utility Truck

 1. Review the City of Bogalusa Notice to Bidders
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 3. Read the instructions & terms and conditions
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LA Advisory and Technical Services Bureau ("LaMATS")/Electronic Auction Services Inc (EASiBUY)
700 N 10th St
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
Has listed on behalf of the City of Bogalusa Fire Department the following vehicle, to be sold to the highest bidder (provided the minimum fair market value is met):
One (1): 

1997 Diesel Ford F-350 Fire Rescue Truck XL – VIN# 3FEKF37F4VMA54674   

Please note that the light bar and decal/insignia will be removed by the City prior to title transfer.
Bids are due by:  
4/30/2021 2:00  PM Local Time 
Interested bidders may also contact RICHARD MOODY/ FIRE / 985-750-6622 for additional information on the vehicle. 
* If you are a Louisiana Local Government or Fire Department, the City of Bogalusa will immediately accept the minimum price if offered.  Contact Paul Holmes at 225-678-6107 if you are a Louisiana Municipality or Police Agency wishing to make an offer.  
Any and all bidders who are interested in bidding must first register by clicking "Start a Response."  All bids will be accepted online in an auction format only.  The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids.   
At the conclusion of the bidding, the highest bidder will be required to upload the LaMATS e-Auction Services Award Form for billing purposes.  A successful bidder will be billed for the sale price plus a 12% electronic auction fee.  Upon payment, the City of Bogalusa will issue a bill of sale with the license.