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Bids to Purchase and Haul Scrap Vehicles

 1. Review the City of Bogalusa Notice to Bidders
 2. Interested in Bidding click Start a response to the right to get registered
 3. Read the instructions & terms and conditions
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Property Description

The City of Bogalusa has deemed 40 surplus vehicles on its Industrial Park Lot as "scrap" vehicles.  The city seeks bids from professional haulers to remove the vehicles to scrap, recycling or parts yards or destinations.  The City of Bogalusa will accept only a positive price per vehicle and the hauler is expected to recoup its costs and profit by selling the vehicles for scrap or recyclables at the existing scrap market value.  The city will not expend any money to have the scrap vehicles hauled away.  The vehicles are worth scrap value only and are none operable and are not immediately repairable in their current state.  All vehicles are missing critical parts or components necessary to become safely operational, including engines and components, wheels/tires, catalytic converters and electronics.  The entire scrapped fleet will be sold to one hauler only and will not be divided up between bidders.  The highest bidder will enter into a cooperative contract with the City to remove the scrapped vehicles after paying the per vehicle bid price.  All sales are "where is, as is" without warranty.  A bill of sale will accompany each vehicle sold as well as any existing title.  The chosen Hauler must be knowledgeable of the requirements of scrapping vehicles without title.   

Pre-Bid Meeting    

Unless continued or waived by the City, interested Haulers must attend an in-person Pre-Bid Meeting at:

Industrial Park

511 Industrial Parkway

Bogalusa, La 70427

on March 10, 2021 at 1:00 pm.   The meeting will be conducted by City representatives who will have designated the particular vehicles subject to the contract and potential bidders will be given the opportunity to evaluate each.   The City reserves the right to determine the qualifications of interested bidders.   Thereafter, bids will be accepted up until March 26, 2021 with a Hauler's Contract being issued to the highest, qualified Hauler.  It is the bidder's responsibility be knowledgeable of the closest scrap, recycling or parts yards and the fair market prices being offered by the yards. 


Any and all bidders who are interested in bidding must first register by clicking "Start a Response."  All bids will be accepted online in an auction format only.  The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to reject the apparent winning bidder for failure to cooperate with the City in identifying Hauler credentials or the final yard(s) or destination(s) where the vehicles will be deposited.  If a bidder plans to haul a vehicle out of state or country, then that intent must be stated, along with a waiver of responsibility in favor of the city.     
At the conclusion of the bidding, the highest bidder will be required to upload the LaMATS e-Auction Services Award Form for billing purposes.  A successful bidder will be billed for the sale price plus a 10% electronic auction fee.  Upon payment, the City of Bogalusa will issue a Hauling Contract and a bill of sale.