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Electronic Bids City of Plaquemine Bucket Truck Purchase

1. Review the Notice to Bidders.
2. Documents must be downloaded to confirm receipt of same by bidders (See Vendor Response Section to get started & to download the documents)
3. Registration is Required: To Submit a Product Proposal and to Bid, see the Vendor Response Section to get started. There is no cost to register or to submit a bid. 

City of Plaquemine – Purchase of Bucket Truck  

Summary Only 

The City of Plaquemine will accept Proposals and Price Bids to purchase One (1) New Bucket Truck that substantially meets the specifications and requirements herein.   Product Proposals and Initial Price Offering to sell and to deliver the Bucket Truck will be accepted online only through  LaMATS e-Auction & Bid Services (EASiBUY), and shall be submitted on the form(s) provided along with any documentation requested.  Thereafter, the city may accept additional online Price Bids for the proposed Bucket Trucks that have been offered.  
Bidders must register at to fully review the bid package, upload/submit Proposals and to submit Price Bids.  Product proposals and price offering will be submitted online by Tuesday, February 23, 2021 March 2, 2021 (Per Addendum #2) at 4:00 pm.  Thereafter, if requested, additional price bids will be accepted online in a reverse auction or "best and final" offer format commencing Tuesday, March 2 at 1:00 pm (per Addendum No. 1) Thursday, March 4 at 1:00 pm (per Addendum No. 2)

Specification & Requirements

The City of Plaquemine seeks to purchase one (1) new model Bucket Truck that meets the specifications provided and which can be delivered within a reasonable timeframe as represented by the seller. 
Please Refer to the Proposal Response Sheet and the Pricing Response Sheet for Required Specifications and Requirements

Electronic Administrative Fee & Bid Security

  • An electronic processing and administrator fee of 3% of the accepted bid price is payable directly to LaMATS, 700 North Tenth Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802 by the awarded vendor upon payment by the City. 
  • Unless waived or reduced, the awarded vendor must post Bid Security in the amount of 3% in the form of a refundable Certified or Cashier's Check.           

Electronic Administrator

  • Paul Holmes, LaMATS e-Auction Services (EASiBUY)  

City of Plaquemine

  • Roxane Richard, City Clerk (225) 687-3661 

Addenda and Interpretations

  • The City of Plaquemine reserves the right to issue addendums to this solicitation at any time. If an addendum is issued within three (3) business days of the Proposal submission date, then the City may extend the bid deadline if judged prejudicial to a registered bidder.
  • No interpretation of the meaning of the specifications or documents will be made orally to any Proposer. Every request for such interpretation regarding the City of Plaquemine purchase must in writing and emailed to Paul Holmes, Electronic Administrator -  To be given consideration, such requests must be received sufficiently prior to the date fixed submission of proposals and/or bidding to permit distribution of response to all proposers. Proposers should not contact any City of Plaquemine personnel directly in regard to the solicitation except through the City Clerk.
  • All technical questions regarding registration, submittal of bids and use of the electronic bid platform may be directed to Frank Jackson, EASiBUY,