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Drive By Water Meters and Dual Read System

1. Submission of Proposals and Pricing will be through electronic means only through LaMATS e-Auction and Bidding Services (EASiBUY) 
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City of Patterson, Louisiana

Advertisement for Drive By Water Meters and Dual Read System


  • The City of Patterson, Louisiana, a political subdivisions of the State of Louisiana, has an available grant  to purchase and have installed approximately 750 new drive-by-read water meters and a "dual-read" technology system.
  • The "dual-read" technology system must be able to read both water meters and gas meters on a drive-by basis.  The city, however, will not purchase gas meters or gas meter conversion to self-read through this solicitation. 
  • Proposals for water meters and dual self-read technology will be accepted without pricing.  Vendors of product that meets the criteria herein will then be afforded the opportunity to participate in the submission of electronic bids.


  • Proposals will be submitted electronically in the proposal format designated herein, to the solicitation administrator—LaMATS e-Auction and Bidding Services/EASiBUY--by November 16 17, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Submitted proposals will be acknowledged by company name and representative.  Thereafter, qualified proposers will be notified of the date that electronic bids will be submitted.


  • The projected timeline of events is as follows: 
  • November 16 17, 2020 — Submission of Proposals Deadline
  • November 19, 2020 — Notification to Qualifiers 
  • November 23, 2020 — Bidding Event (Commencing at 1:00 pm)

Installation/Final Contracts:

  • A successful proposer upon selection is expected to submit its standard form contract itemized with product and per unit pricing, per installation pricing and total price. The Sponsors reserve the right to include terms and conditions related to performance guarantee, payment retention, insurance requirements and hold harmless/indemnity, liquidated delay damages and any other terms and conditions which may be required by law or by municipal policy, including the use of Louisiana licensed contractors where required by law.
  • Failure to timely reach an agreement may cause a proposer to be disqualified and a Sponsor may select another qualified proposer to negotiate a final contract with.
  • Final per unit pricing shall be established and shall remain firm (subject to indexing) for a period of 2 years and an optional 3rd year.  

Administrative Fees:

  • All sales pursuant to established contracts will be subject to contract administration and administrative fees payable to the Contract Administrator, LaMATS Purchasing Services and/or EASiBUY LLC. The administrative fee on net sales proceeds will be 3% payable by the seller..

Contract Administration:

  • The purchase will be considered a cooperative purchase under Title 33 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes (Local Services Law).  The selected product and prices established in this contract may be made accessible to other qualified political subdivisions of the State of Louisiana. 
  • If accepted as a cooperative purchase, a participating political subdivisions will be required to accept and sign onto the terms and conditions of the contracts before utilizing same. No additional bids or receipt of quotes by participating membership will be required before purchasing from an option contract so  established.

Questions and Clarifications:

Questions and/or requests for clarification of bid specifications or requirements are to be in written form and emailed to the attention of Paul Holmes, LaMATS Purchasing Consultant, and must be received in enough time to consider and answer by a sponsor or the electronic platform administrator prior to the proposal due date.  Participants shall not initiate contact or discussion with city personnel  regarding this solicitation after November 16, 2020.  Participants may, however, respond to inquiries initiated by city personnel meant to clarify submitted proposals.