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Notice to Contractors

Price proposals for Milling and Asphaltic Cement Overlay will be received by City of Tallulah, Louisiana until 1:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, October 15, 2020. 
Proposals received prior to the time of the scheduled opening will be securely kept. 
The City intends to contract with an experienced and responsible contractor for the services desired.  Availability and willingness to work with the City and knowledge of State DOTD milling and asphalt overlay standards will be considered in addition to price offerings. 
Contractors must possess a Louisiana State Contractor's License related to street repairs and overlay.  

Contractor's Conference

 A mandatory pre-bid conference at which the scope of the project, contract time, and other requirements of the bidding and contract documents may be discussed, or any other special requirements for the project which may be discussed with prospective proposers will be held at Tallulah City Hall, 204 North Cedar Street, Tallulah, LA on October 6, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.  For questions related to the Contractor's Conference please contact Paul Holmes, Administrator,  

Scope of Work to be Performed

The City seeks to repair/re-pave street sections over a term of one year or until available street repair funding is depleted.  Funding is  not expected to exceed $200,000 during the one-year term of the contract.  
The Contractor awarded the contract shall be available to perform street construction repairs and maintenance work as required by the City. Such work is expected to primarily include pavement milling and asphaltic overlay to street sections as identified by the City of Tallulah. The contractor must be prepared to provide any and all material, labor and equipment.  
Initial sections of streets marked for repair are generally identified below.  As funding permits, the City will identify additional and/or alternative street sections for like repair.  The rates applied to the initial sections will apply, more or less, to additional streets or street sections in similar condition.

Electronic Submission of Pricing Proposals 

Proposals will be submitted electronically through LaMATS e-Auction Services, at (EASiBUY).  Electronic bid submissions will be submitted to the deadline and will be secured until bid opening. There is no charge to register, to access the electronic bid requirements or to submit electronic bids and documentation. Contractors who register to access bid documents electronically will receive electronic notification of any changes or addendums to the solicitation. Questions related to electronic bidding or accessing information/documents electronically should be directed to Frank Jackson, (769) 798-6803.   Proposals by paper mailed, hand delivered or by courier will not be accepted.
An electronic access/administrative fee applies to the awarded contractor who completes the work.  The electronic access/administrative fee is 2% of the project price upon payment of same by the City.   

Base Bid Proposal Scope

Work on which Base Bid proposals are expected to include:
The project includes Elm Street (starting at the railroad) to Scott Street = 500  feet and Desoto Street (starting at Johnson) to Ella Street = 656 feet  expected to consist of milling and asphaltic concrete overlay together with scarifying and compacting existing roadway, aggregate shoulders, pavement patching and associated items of work as may be necessary. 

Proposal Forms

Proposals must be submitted on the form to be provided.  Proposal sheets will be issued only to contractors and/or subcontractors properly licensed.  

Proposal Security 

Every proposal submitted shall be accompanied by a proposal guaranty in the form of a certified or cashier's check in an amount of not less than two percent (2%) of the total Base Bid Proposal Price, made payable to the City of Tallulah.  Proposers  shall ensure that their certified check or cashier’s check is received by the City within 5 days of bid opening by mailing or hand delivering same to:  City of Tallulah, Invitation to Submit Proposals,  204 North Cedar Street, Tallulah, LA  71282.  

/s/ Charles M. Finlayson, Mayor

Additional Information

There are no documents to download at this time.  Documents may be added following the Contractor Conference.