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SURPLUS PROPERTY SALES - Used Portable Sports Field Fencing (5 Years old - meshing replaced)

1. Review the City of Youngsville, Louisiana – Surplus Property Sale advertisement listed below.
2. Interested in Bidding click Start a response to the Right to get registered
3. Read the instructions & terms and conditions
4. Download all attachments


The City of Youngsville Recreation Department has declared as surplus 175 portable fence panels. White plastic “Sport Panel Brand.” The panels are in good condition and have been re-covered with orange safety mesh. The panels are still used for tournaments and are in working order. Details: The panels connect with foam tubes that insert into the top rail of the panel. The panels are staked down with two prong stakes that hold the bottom legs down. Tubes and stakes will be included with the panels.
The original cost per panel was $130 and each is 5 years old. The panels will be sold in 5 lots of 35 each in online auction format beginning January 14 and ending February 14, 2020. Recognized Recreation and Parks departments/districts may purchase without bid for $2000 per lot.
Fence Panels up for Auction:
(See Attachment 1 – photos)
(See Attachment 2 – photos)
The fence panels can be viewed and examined at the Youngsville Sports Complex by contacting Josh Smith, Assistant Director of Recreation, @ (337) 857-6804 between the hours of 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday. All questions regarding the condition of the panels or the ability to select panels of your choosing must be directed to Mr. Smith.
Persons who are interested in bidding starting on February 14, 2019 must first register by clicking Start a Response.
If pricing does not meet the minimum reserve established, the Seller has the right to either accept or reject the sale.
At the conclusion of bidding on February 14, 2020, the highest bidder will be required to upload the LaMATS Awarded Vendor Form for invoicing purposes. The winning bid price is subject to a 5% administrative fee payable to EASiBUY. Once you have been invoiced you will receive a paid in full receipt which is required to present to the The City of Youngsville Recreation Department to pick up your property.